Regionally Located on the East Coast

You don’t have to travel across the county

Did I say East Coast?   Yes !

Believe it or not there are a lot of adult industry income paying shoots in the Eastern United States !

Experienced Service

Our management team has been involved in the adult industry themselves.   So they know various aspects of the industry and will be good Mentors for you as you start and build your career.

Dedication to Excellence

Our management team is focused on you, you and you.   Why you?  Because your success in the industry is our success.

Like to travel?
Want us to work for you?
Like to socialize?
Want to fill your bank account?

Customer Service Guarantee

We’re want you to make the most money that you can in the industry, so to help you do so we charge less than other managers in the industry.

Why?  Because we genuinely want to help you achieve financial success.  And we know that if you are happy with us as your managers then you will refer us to your fiends and acquaintances who want to work in the industry as well.

Services Offered

  • In-Industry Promotion
  • Social Media Management
  • Merchandising
  • Public Appearances
  • Mentoring
  • Getting You Hired for Photo and Video Shoots